Bobette Brown

Transformation Architect | Certified Personal & Executive Coach | Empowerment Speaker


Lady Bobette Life Coach

Bobette Brown is a Transformation Architect, Speaker, Coach Specializing in Personal Growth and Professional Development, and Published Author. She models the power of perseverance. This former U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Paratrooper has endured many battle wounds, yet she has emerged as a clear victor! Now, she carries her scars as badges of honor. She helps women to change their “stuck story” and take charge of their life with clarity and confidence.

As CEO of BGB Enterprises and Founder of Transform University™, this entrepreneur uses her 20+ years of coaching experience to help others live out their purpose, leverage their experiences and maximize their potential in the marketplace. Through her coaching programs, live speaking events, tele-seminars and media products, she teaches principles that will inspire you to shift you into high gear, help you get rid of what’s standing in your way, and empower you maintain your momentum! As clients rediscover their identity and embrace their authenticity, they are transformed from sitting to soaring in their business and personal lives!

Just a few years ago she was stuck! She was busy helping others succeed, but on the inside Bobette was battered and broken! She had lost her voice… drive… passion and given up on her dreams. One day while in the gym, her iPod switched to a song and she heard the lyrics – “I’m not a man, I cannot lie, I know the plans for your life, I’m asking you to dream again, believe again…” That day, her life changed! She found beauty in her ashes. Now she helps others move from woe is me to woo wee!

She has been a speaker at the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Howard University, KVRN and WLVS radio stations, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and on various other motivational platforms, both stateside and abroad. Bobette is an ordained elder and has a master’s degree from Wesley Theological Seminary, a BS in Business and Management from the University of Maryland University College; she is a Certified Work-Life Professional and a Certified Personal and Executive Coach. She is also a member of the Disabled American Veterans, Federally Employed Women and World at Work Society of Certified Professionals.

Affectionately known as “Lady Bobette,” she has been married to Dr. T. Cedric Brown for 26+ years, and together they host some of the most powerful conversational events on relationship building. They are the proud parents of two adult sons, Joshua and Caleb.


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Her motto is, “If you don’t want me to push you to your next level of success, please don’t share your dreams with me.”